You want to sell out your course, fill your private practice and have the kind of copy that makes clients fall at your feet.

You want to make a meaningful income, continually surprise yourself and show the naysayers who said “that’ll never work!” that you can start your own business and make it a profitable success.

But if you’re really honest with yourself, whether large or small, you just want to solve people’s problems and help transform lives in your own way.

After building our own highly profitable businesses and collectively partnering with hundreds of online business owners to help them create messaging that sells, you don’t need to tell us that:
●  There’s a huge learning curve when you’re first starting out, that leaves you feeling scattered, overwhelmed and second-guessing your ability to actually “make a living”.

●  You’re already great at what you do in your offline business but when it comes to online marketing, you struggle to make people want what you have using the written word.

●  You’re embarrassed by the size of your email list and don’t quite know what to do to get more of the right people subscribed to it.

●   You’ve created an opt-in form and a lead magnet but that’s about as far as it goes. And because you’re inconsistent with your email marketing, your subscribers aren’t exactly the most engaged.

●  You’ve invested so much time, energy and enthusiasm into your business and you’re counting down the days until you start to see that reflected in your bank account.

●  You cringe at the thought of asking for a sale and are convinced those reading your sales page will think you’re desperate. You’re not interested in hoodwinking anyone – you just want to write straightforward, honest-to-goodness sales copy that makes it easy for people to say “yes”.
If you’re nodding along right now and thinking “Oh. My. Gosh! They’re reading my mind!” then keep reading because we’ve got your back and you’re exactly where you need to be.
But here’s the thing:
Living each day on a wing and a prayer, saying affirmations in front of the mirror and doing whatever else it is that you do to manifest the abundance you wish to see in your business is all for nothing if you aren’t prepared to get your bum in the chair and do the work you were put on this planet to do.

And let’s face it, you can have all the skill and experience you’ll ever need…

But without the right words that make people want to pay good money for your products, programs and services, you’re not getting paid.

I’m Lori Kennedy, nutritionist, online strategist and a badass business coach to thousands of health experts.
…and I’m Hattie Brazeley, sales copywriter and the not-so secret weapon of some of the biggest names online…
…and together we work with business owners like you who want more leads, more sales and of course, more time-money freedom.

●  Opening your inbox each morning and being greeted by multiple new subscriber notifications.

●  Feeling like you have your shit together because you’ve taken the time to write a welcome sequence that indoctrinates new subscribers into your world.

●  Knowing that you have a growing community of ideal prospective clients who trust you and think of you like a best friend.

●  Squealing with delight every time your phone pings because that means you’ve just made another sale (while you’re out to lunch with friends).

●  Feeling confident in your abilities every time you sit down with your computer to write a sales page or email sequence… writing becomes easy when you have a blueprint and examples to follow.

●  The relief you’ll feel when you’ve created a unique roadmap that will take your new subscribers on a journey from new lead to happy paying clients.

This is just a snapshot of the kind of results you can expect when you master the art of writing words that make money.

A complete step-by-step email marketing system for service-based business owners who want to attract more leads, more clients and make more sales.
Each of these five co-created, highly actionable classes have been designed to give you the clarity and confidence you’ll need to start growing your email list and begin making sales fast.

1.   First we’ll show you how to get inside your ideal client’s head and establish what their frustrations, wants, needs and beliefs really are. The ideal client profile is the most essential work you’ll ever do in your business and without it you’ll always be struggling to build a connection and make effortless sales..

2.   Next we’ll show you how to turn this newly found knowledge into a hot lead magnet that your ideal clients can’t wait to get their hands on. Your opt-in page copy will make them feel like you’re reading their minds and your lead magnet content will be so awesome they’ll want to keep coming back for more.

3.   After that we’ll walk you through which specific emails to write and more importantly HOW to write them so you build a unique and trusting relationship with your ideal prospects prior to selling to them.

4.   Then we’ll take you by the hand and coach you to write a high converting, authentic sales page that clearly communicates the transformation you will provide for your ideal clients. Say goodbye to convincing and selling ‘features’ and say hello to big bucks in your bank account.

5.   Finally, we’ll get you launched… you’ll use our 4 must-have email launch system to design your own service or program launch. Whether you’re launching 1:1 services or group programs, working online or offline, we’ve got you covered.

All of the 5 classes are pre-recorded audio lessons, immediately accessible and yours to dive into today when you enroll in From Lead to Launch.

Enroll now to get instant access.
Curious what’s covered? Let’s take a look shall we?
This class will teach you:
●   What an ideal client avatar actually is and why not having yours clearly mapped out is a huge mistake for your business as well as your sanity.

●   How taking the time to research and validate who your ideal client really is will help you create sales 24/7.

●   How to use surveys and online market research to help you find the right words to use in your blog posts and marketing content.
●   The five questions you must ask yourself if you want to uncover your ideal client’s biggest fears, deepest desires and boldest goals.

●   A quick way to use your ideal client profile to write blogs that get read, emails that get opened and social media posts that get shared.

This class will teach you:

●   What a lead magnet is, why your business needs one and how to use your lead magnet as part of your sales funnel.

●   What should be included in your lead magnet that will practically guarantee you double your sales.

●   How to create three different types of lead magnets with specific examples for you to model.

●   How to setup your lead capture and thank you pages with specific examples for you to model.

●   How to actually create the lead magnet content with specific examples for you to model.

●   Where and how to promote your lead magnet.

This class will teach you:
●   What welcome and nurture emails are and why not having them could destroy any future relationship you want to have with your ideal clients.

●   The secret words to use so that you build a lasting connection with your new subscribers.

●   The three emails you can’t not send whenever someone subscribes to your email list.
●   Which content and links should be included in the welcome email and the following 3 nurture emails, together with the schedule of when they should be sent.

This class will teach you:

●   The optimal structure for an honest, long form sales page.

●   How to write headlines and opening paragraphs that will grab your ideal client’s attention from the start.

●   How to position your program as “the” solution your ideal client has been searching for all this time.

●   How to create powerful calls to action and where to place your “buy now” buttons on your sales page.

●   The two really important psychological principles that you’ll need to get your head around if you want to learn how to create really strong calls to action.

●   The strategies you can use to challenge your ideal clients’ objections as well as how to weed out the kind of people that you just don’t want to work with.

This class will teach you:
●   What a launch is, the two different launch options and how to know which one to choose based on where you are in your business.

●   The four must-have emails you’ll need in a typical launch sequence and how to write them.

●   The list of emails you’ll need to write in order to execute a typical dated 10-day online launch sequence.
●   The list of emails you’ll need to write in order to execute an evergreen launch sequence for selling 1:1 services.

● The list of emails you’ll need to execute a launch that includes a webinar.

It’s not lack of talent or ambition that’s keeping you from attracting clients and making a more than decent salary –
just a clear, step-by-step email marketing system.

We created this instantly accessible and pretty badass program because everywhere we look we see smart, talented entrepreneurs like you struggling to make an impact, let alone a living, with their expertise.

If you’re here we're kinda guessing you’ve been struggling with this too.

You have the professional expertise to guide and coach clients but you can’t seem to find the right words to connect with your ideal clients and make them want what you have.

You know how you can help your clients and the amazing transformation they could have by working with you but you can’t clearly map out how to communicate it so they feel the value of what you are offering. When it comes to organizing your thoughts and getting your message down on the page, your mind literally goes blank.

So you wind up wasting hours of could-have-been-income-generating time staring at the blank page of doom that is your computer screen (or scrolling through Facebook in an effort to get some inspiration).

And try as you might, you just can’t seem to find the words that will make you money.

What you need is a concrete, step-by-step system to walk you through the entire online email marketing and sales copyrighting process so you can get your offers out there once and for all, start making money and changing people’s lives.

All the frustration, uncertainty and doubt you’re currently experiencing is about to become a thing of the past because you’ll have From Lead to Launch in your back pocket.

Even better, once you’ve learned and successfully implemented the system we’re about to teach you, you’ll be able to replicate it again and again for every new product or service you introduce.

We’ve deliberately designed this course to be as easy to
implement as possible.

You’ll be guided step-by-step through each of the major features of your sales funnel by a series of audio classes. The companion worksheets will help you relate the principles you learn directly back to your own ideal client and business so that you learn and implement at the same time.

In contrast to the many other online marketing programs out there that teach you how to create an online program, or run a webinar or use social media to market your business but leave out the critical piece which is HOW TO write and sequence the emails that actually sell…

From Lead To Launch walks you through the specific email marketing and sales page copy strategies you’ll need so you can convert leads into happy, loyal paying clients 24/7 and who repeatedly invest in you over and over again.

Within 90 days of enrolling in From Lead to Launch,
you could have your entire marketing funnel set up, have launched your product or service and be making money!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve decided to launch your hard work into the world because you feel a deep sense of responsibility to help other people transform their lives, whether it’s from a graphic design perspective, a weight loss perspective, a photography perspective, an essential oil perspective or a widget perspective, you’ve created something that you know will help someone else improve the quality of their life.

And you have no shame in saying that you want to make a crap ton of money in your business so that you can live your dream life, all on your own terms.

There’s also no shame in working hard, most likely harder than almost anyone else you know to build a business you are proud of with the intention of becoming self made.

If you’re like me you want to be able to make money on demand.

You want to feel the power of never having to worry about
how you’re going to make money.

In order for that to happen you need to learn and master the skill of writing emails and a sales page that converts. Yes, it’s a skill and you can master it. I promise you that when you do, it will transform your life.

Back in 2012, when I first took my business online, I had a business partner. Needless to say that our partnership ended very badly and I was left with literally no money, which was really stressful because I had a two and a half-year old and a one-year old and I was the sole breadwinner.

My only saving grace was that I had started to build up an email list; at that point I had about 800 people on it. My business coach at the time said and I’ll never forget this, “how long do you have until you totally run out of money”? My reply was, “about a month”.

“Then you better get to work creating a product you can sell to your list”, was his advice.

My mastermind group walked me through the exact steps Hattie and I teach you in From Lead To Launch and within two weeks I was ready to launch. I didn’t have the luxury of time to over-think it, it was imperfect and I didn’t care.

To say that I was a vulnerable nervous wreck is an understatement. That launch was a “Hail Mary” for me; it was a last ditch effort and I was launching over the Christmas holidays too.

The first email went out and within minutes my phone started to buzz, the PayPal notifications had started to come in and I burst into tears. By December 28th I had made over $13,000.

Who makes 5-figures sitting on their couch over Christmas?

Well I did and when you have the From Lead To Launch system, you can too.

That first launch was all the proof I needed that I would be financially ok. Have there been hard times since then, of course, plenty. Just like you, I’ve built a business from scratch but I’ve never freaked out about making money; I know how to make money because I know how to write emails that sell.

And when you enroll in From Lead To Launch you’ll learn how to make money too: build an email list of qualified ideal clients, create a compelling offer and write emails that sell that offer.

It’s a rinse and repeat system that you can apply to any business and anything you want to sell.

Praise for Lori Kennedy...

"Lori is the Real Deal... No Fluff Just Pure Results! I was so frustrated and overwhelmed with the idea of creating a sales funnel that actually works.Over the last 3 years I've taken my business online with a few tools in hand but once I implemented Lori's Expert system for email marketing and creating sales funnels my business skyrocketed!What I like about her system is the step-by-step program to getting your sales funnels going and dialed in. It's a No brainer!"
- Sylvia Favela

"It's been my ultimate pleasure to work with the "Funnel Queen"- Lori Kennedy to dial in my systems for my online business. Lori has amazing insight and suggestions for maximizing profits while bringing the most value to my clients. Thank you for your guidance and support."
- Shawna Kaminski

"Lori is the go-to person to help you uuncover hidden revenue opportunities and new profit sources in your business! She gives you a step-by-step formula that is guaranteed to boost productivity and profits so you stop wasting time on things that aren't working for you.Lori's expert guidance has helped me grow my business beyond what I thought was possible!"
- Kathleen LeGrys

Praise for Hattie Brazeley…

Hattie is more than a gifted copywriter. She’s a strategic thinking partner + creative collaborator who can help you grow your online business to multiple six and seven figures.
- Selena Soo, Business & Publicity Strategist

“Hattie has this way of taking what I want to say and making it sound better than I ever could. That was exactly what happened with my sales page back in July 2014. In just 24 hours I had freshly spruced copy and a few weeks later, I was closing out my very first launch with $64k in sales. Hattie has been part of my team ever since and her copy has helped me grow my business year-on-year. I recommend Hattie to entrepreneurs who need help getting their passion explained in a way their audience will understand and who want to make more sales with their email marketing campaigns.”
- Kimra Luna, Personal Branding and Online Business Strategist

“I teach women coaches how to get fully booked with their dream, high-end clients. As such, great sales copy is essential. Hattie’s copywriting course is simply the best you can find around. I might be biased because I benefited personally, but 50+ of my clients agree as well! “Comprehensive, to the point and simple to follow…” is what I hear whenever my clients go through her course. She makes it very do-able and dare I say easy!”
- Lenka Lutonska, Transformational Business Trainer & Coach

Here’s a quick run-down of everything you’ll get
 when you enroll in From Lead to Launch:

●   5 comprehensive audio training sessions that will walk you step-by-step through how to get clear on who you’re serving and the content you could create for them.

●   5 downloadable companion workbooks that will help you relate your new knowledge back to your own business.

●   Real examples of lead magnets, welcome and nurture emails and a sales page that you can use to model your own work after.

●   A comprehensive list of tech resources to help you implement your online program.

  We’ve designed this immediately accessible online course so you can get the clarity, guidance and support you need without having to make any other substantial high-ticket investments in your online sales education.

  With From Lead to Launch, you won’t need to invest thousands of dollars in a separate copywriting course.

   You won’t need to purchase multiple mini courses from multiple different marketers that explain how the individual pieces of your sales funnel come together.

   And you won’t have to continue staring at that blank screen of yours trying to figure out what in the hell your ideal clients want and what you should be creating.

   All you need to do is show up fully, implement what we teach you and you’ll start to see results almost right away.
The regular price for From Lead to Launch is $797
Ready to turn your frustration and overwhelm into leads, clients and cash?
I’m ready! What happens next?

After hitting the payment button on the screen above you’ll be taken to a checkout page to complete your purchase.

Once your purchase is complete you’ll receive an email from us with login details so you can dive right into the course.

14 Day Happiness Guarantee.

What if I decide From Lead to Launch
isn’t for me?

We really hope you’ll fall in love with the system we’ve created but that said, if you decide the course isn’t for you we’ll happily issue a full refund.

Simply email us your completed ideal client profile from lesson one with evidence of your five ideal client interviews to show your commitment to the course by midnight EST on the 14th day after purchase, and we’ll issue a full refund with no further questions asked!

You’re right for From Lead to Launch if…

●    You’re a service-based online business owner or an offline business owner who wants to explode their business.

●    You understand the necessity of growing an email list that is made up of your ideal clients.

●    You are ready to go pro in your business and want a proven system to follow so that you are consistent in your content publication.

●    You understand the basic principles behind online marketing but are lost, confused and unsure how to implement them.

●    You love systems and you follow them to the letter. We do too!

Once you have the guidance and clarity you need, you implement like gangbusters

You’re probably not right for From Lead to Launch if…

●   You haven’t yet decided who you serve. We can help you get clearer on who your ideal client is but in order to help you do that, you need to know the industry you’ll be working in and have a fair idea of the big-picture problems you want to help people solve.

●   You’re not willing to get your butt in your chair and do the work. We can give you all the guidance and the system to follow, but its what YOU do with it that matters most!

●   You really want someone to do all the hard work and heavy lifting for you. If that’s the case, hire a copywriter because this course isn’t a good fit for you.

●   You’re looking for someone to teach you the techie-side of getting your sales funnel set up. From Lead to Launch will teach you what you need to know to create the content, but it won’t show you how to build out campaigns in Infusionsoft or integrate your Leadpages for example.

Just a few final thoughts from us…
There is no magic pill that you can take to transform your business overnight… yet there is a proven system that works to consistently attract qualified leads and turn them into happy, loyal clients 24/7.

As a copywriter for some of the most prominent entrepreneurs online today, I make a very good living writing high-converting copy and sales pages. My clients make six-to-seven figures each and every time they launch.

If there’s one thing I know above all else, it's that copy matters.

You can have the best-looking website and the loudest mouth on the planet but 99.9% of the time, people decide whether or not to invest in your services based on the words they read on the page.

From Lead to Launch has been seven-months in the making and we can’t wait for you to plug your business into our complete system.

Still Have Questions? Here are some answers:
Q: How long will it take me to go through the entire 5-class course?

A: Remember that learning and implementing this material will transform your business so you’ll want to dedicate a good amount of time to listen to the audio lessons and to do the work. If you are a keener you can complete the audio classes in 5 to 7 hours. Don’t rush through this material! What you put into doing this work is what you’ll get out of it.

Q: I have an offline business. Is this course for me?

A: Do you want a consistent funnel of qualified leads and an automated way to convert those leads into clients? If you answered yes, then From Lead To Launch is for you. It doesn’t matter if your business is offline or online… you need to know how to find the right words and then how to use those words to attract, nurture and convert leads into loyal, happy clients.

Q: Do I get instant access to the entire course all at once?

A: You betcha! Even if you choose the payment plan too. Q: How long do I have access to the course for and to complete the work? A: You get lifetime access to the 5 From Lead To Launch classes (or for as long as the program is around). You have as long as you need to complete the work… but don’t take too long. The name of the game is imperfect action.

Q: What if I’m a really bad writer?

A: First, you are what you say you are so flip the script around and think I’m improving my writing skills everyday. Second, we are giving you a step-by-step formula to use via whatever medium you want. If you don’t enjoy writing that’s cool, use the blueprints to script out videos instead.

Q: What if From Lead To Launch isn’t right for me?

A: Do you want a consistent funnel of qualified leads and an automated way to convert those leads into clients? If you answered yes, then From Lead To Launch is for you. To be blunt… most people are just allergic to hard work. This course isn’t a magic pill that you pop and voila… 6-figures in your bank account.

You’ll have to sit your butt in a chair and apply yourself. But in case you’re not ready for that we have a 14-day Happiness Guarantee. Simply email us your completed ideal client profile from lesson one with evidence of your five ideal client interviews to show your commitment to the course by midnight EST on the 14th day after purchase, and we’ll issue a full refund with no further questions asked!
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